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Christmas on a Budget


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Stella & Dot


So this half of Team McNeill has decided to start a new adventure. That adventure is Stella & Dot. Last night I had my first Trunk Show, which was my mothers show. I absolutely loved it. We had some sweet friends come out to support me and it was a FANTASTIC night after such a crazy week. I’m thankful for my friends who support me in my crazy life sometime. :)

Here are a few pictures of the set up. I meant to grab one with the ladies but I got so caught up in fellowship and talking jewelry that I forgot to snap one.


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Bella’s Stella & Dot

Ben & Bella


So, I’ve decided to keep this blog mainly as a reminder for myself. I want to keep up with my life for me, and if others read it then awesome – but I don’t care about that much anymore.

Since my last post I got married. It was something I truly thought would never ever happen. Boy am I so thankful that the Lord decided to show me otherwise. Some of the best moments in my life include this man. And Lord willing – it will be that way for many more years to come.


Zombie walk 2014!


This past weekend was the 4th zombie Walk and Prom. It is one of the big events that raises awareness and food for our area food bank. It is also used to kick of the halloween season.

My friend Jenny was kind enough to do our groups makeup. Here is my final product (minus the blood. I did not want that all in my apartment)


Here is our whole group.


This may be my favorite picture from last night…. I mean hey, sometimes you just have to take a break from eating brains!


The people in Wendy’s kept staring at us!


Here is Ben’s makeup.



And Jenny’s!


The rest are just photos from the night. Enjoy!

Golden Girls

Golden Girls


IMG_2699   IMG_2696

blues brothers bug creepy richard simmons si' thor

Birthday weekend


So Friday was my birthday… and I turned 27. I’m not sure how that happened. For real. I’m pretty sure I feel like I’m still about 21, or rather I probably just wish I still had the responsibility load of someone that is only 21. But it was pretty awesome just the same.

Friday I just hung around at the house I’m pet sitting at and had a pretty lazy morning. I watched about 5 hours of a Dirty Jobs marathon which was pretty awesome. When I finally decided to get up and be productive I went and spent a few hours with mom at work just hanging around. After that Mom and I went to Ink Factor here in Montgomery and I got a new ear piercing. I will not even lie to you. It hurt, A LOT. But Bo, the guy who did it, was fun and I like my new ear bling.


I was able to open my presents. Mom got me an Andy Warhol banana bag which is what I’ve wanted for years! I know it is strange but I LOVE it and cannot wait to use it.


Ben opened new doors for my geekiness. He got me a certified Harry Potter wand!!!! SQUEEEE! And a BAM gift card – Oh the books I will buy this week.


Ben’s mom got me some relaxation things; a sleep animal, lotion and a candle.


I am blessed and thankful for such fun and sweet gifts.

After that mom, dad, Ben and I went to Firebirds to eat. It was my first time there and it was AMAZEBALLS! Good gracious that was some good food. It was a little more upscale than I am but it was nice to try something new for the first time.

IMG_2543  (sorry it is so dark. I have not been able to lighten it up without it looking like it has been to hell and back yet.)

We went to Petland after that to look around at the animals and play with some of them. The birds were not as friendly as they normally are which kind of stunk, but the ferrets were on it and were fun to play around with and pick up. Joey and Laura met us here and then we all went to the new Carmike Theaters and watched Guardians of the Galaxy. If you have not seen it yet then let me tell you something, YOU ARE MISSING SO MUCH IN YOUR LIFE. GO SEE IT TODAY! This movie was hilarious. And the soundtrack was the bomb – definitely on point. The only downside was that we went to a 9:45 showing so we did not get out until after midnight, but I think it was worth it.

Saturday we all took our time getting going. Us kids went to lunch and then ran some errands. We traded in some games at a thrift store for the Super NES and N64. Thankfully Joey showed me how to get the N64 hooked up and going so Ben and I can have some date nights at the apartment!! :) I also went on a book buying spree at Trade-N-Books, and at the Helping Hands thrift store. AND I got Nacho Libre….yes, there will be laughs this week. The Auburn game came on that afternoon so Dad was busy so Joey, Laura, Ben and I ended up playing Monopoly while we waited. SOMEHOW the gods looked down on me in favor and I won Monopoly for the first time!! I don’t even know how that happened. And on top of that Joey was the first person to bow out of the game. IT. WAS. CRAZY. By the time the football game was over it was to late to go bowling so we all decided to pile onto the couches and watch They Live on Netflix. There were lots of laughs at this point. That movie was something else.

IMG_2552      IMG_2570

Sunday was real chill too. We all skipped church, which is rare – so we just went with it. We all went bowling. I don’t even know how to describe how this went. So many laughs. And screams of excitement. Dad threw his ball into the lane next to us. Laura’s ball never went over 6 mph. Joey and Ben seemed to enjoy hanging out. I danced on the bowling floor every time I got a strike. Joey rubbed his armpit into my hair and on mom’s shirt. Barf. Joey and I stayed neck in neck all 4 games. Overall it was a GREAT evening in my opinion. I haven’t laughed that much or that hard in so long. After bowling we came back home and watched the movie Evil Dead – I would not recommend it. Every season on Face Off someone talks about how much of a classic it is, and how it got them into special effects make up, but it just did not do it for me. I think I will lay off the horror movies for a while thankyouverymuch.

IMG_2562  I love these two together.

I was incredibly thankful to have a long weekend with my family. So glad Joey and Laura were able to make it home for the weekend. And very thankful I was able to spend LOTS of time with my fella.

IMG_2546  Love this man.